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This site is for people who want to role play in the world of Gantz. Hopefully everyone will like it and have fun.
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 Here you go moto I hope it is good enough for you to use.

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PostSubject: Here you go moto I hope it is good enough for you to use.   Thu Jul 01, 2010 4:41 am

Human Life:
School Life: Lacus was a ordinary girl. She was shy most of her life. she never really hung around anyone but her friends. She found it hard to make friends because of her shyness. Lacus always went around minding her own business. there was one guy in school that she use to like. She never could express her feelings for him. She carried this with her all the way to middle school. She finally was able to tell her friends that she like the guy. They all laughed a little bit and told her to go on and ask him out. She never could pull it off because she was so shy. Everytime she got close to him she would choke. Lacus one day was practicing talking to herself on how to ask him out. When he came around the corner and said hi to her she choked up again. She sighed in a over the top dramatic sigh because she couldn't ask him.

High School and age 21 her death:Lacus was sitting in high school now. She finally asked the guy out of her dreams but was turned down by him. She has gotten over that and was happy about it. She thought to herself That i really did improve over the summer i was finally able to ask him out like i thought i would. But when i did get turned down i did feel a little depressed. She continued through her high school life as a normal girl. Sure she had a crush on someone ever once in a while. But she never really liked them liked them.He best friend tried to tell her to go for someone but she always said no. Durning the prom for graduation she was alone. She always was hanging with her friends. they knew they wouldn't see each other again and where saying good bye to each other. 3 years later she rented a condo for herself. She stayed there day and night. When she was finally able to stay there she had some cats. A room mate moved in with her bringing 7 more cats. They took care of the cats as if they where their children. Michele her room mate passed away of a illness when she was 23. Lacus was walking down the street one day and noticed someone following behind her. She started to panic and walked faster and faster. It was dark around midnight it was a cold winter night. As she walked faster the guy behind her was too. When she turned a corner thinking she was safe she got stabbed in the back and fell to the ground. Before she knew it her skin was being cut off inch by inch slowly and painfully. The guy left her there to bleed out. He laughed when he saw how miserable she was. He did one final touch and took out both of her eyes and shoved them down her throat choking her to death.

After Life: When Lacus opened her eyes again she was somewhere she didn't know. She couldn't remember anything about he past or about how she ended up here. Lacus walked around the place not knowing what to do she walked around and came across a weird place. It seemed like a school she walked in and saw people running around in black clothings. A tall man was standing in front of her and smiled down at her and asked. "Are you new here have you just died?" She looked at him and didn't know what to do she shook her head yes. The man took her to a strange looking office where she applied for school. Though she never understood much she was always going to the classes and trying to do what they could do. She soon releazied she had some type of power like everyone else. She tried her best in the classes but could not gete it done well enough. As soon as it came for test she always failed. She had to repeat all her classes.

Academy again:Lacus came back to school not knowing what to do. she was always shy with the knew people and sat by herself. She made two friends during her stay there. It seemed like they where pretty nice people. They helped her after school with her practice. They tought her how to use the kidos spells and showed her how to do the homework that the teachers has given them. When they had been done teaching her for a couple hours they always went and ate something together. Though she was shy she never found someone she liked in this school. She wouldn't speak up for herself her friends always came to help her when someone was picking on her. The test where coming up soon and she did not know if she would be able to do it even with all her friends helping her. They where always telling Lacus that she could accomplish it if she tried. She finally decided they where right she had three weeks until it was time for test. She was going to try her best. every day when they would practice after school she tried even harder to get the movements down. She studied harder on the subjects. Her healing kido was getting better and better. Her sword fighting was getting better and better every passing day. Before she knew it three weeks has passed now she has to wait for the exams to proceed...
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Here you go moto I hope it is good enough for you to use.
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